4 things we learnt from the 2014 London Restaurant Festival

After three weeks of jam-packed food events and delicious special menus, it’s time to wave London Restaurant Festival goodbye for 2014… Here’s four things we learnt from festival food gurus this year.

  1. The main difference between a restaurant dish and one you cook at home is salt. Chefs tend to use much more salt during the cooking process than us home cooks,usually do. And it truly makes all the difference! Watching Merchants Tavern’s executive chef Neil Brothwick cook the restaurant quail signature dish was quite a revelation and we’ve been experimenting since then… So give it a try next time: instead of adding salt on the dish once it’s ready, add a bit more salt while cooking!
  2. It’s all about natural light when it comes to food snaps! Food photography professionals say it will help keeping away from hard shadows and ensuring colours are vibrant and accurate. So next time you want to make all your Instagram followers hungry, make sure you book a table near a window!
  3. Sharing is becoming an ever-more important part of the dining experience. We’re still astonished by a new survey*, that shows that Brits sharing food pictures on social media has become a habit, with 25% of us admitting to snapping our meals to share with the ones that are not with us in person. An impressive 86% of diners also take ‘food sharing’ quite literally and say it is socially acceptable to taste from their companions’ plate! No wonder small plates are taking London by storm! *Conducted by American Express for the London Restaurant Festival.
  4. Food IS better with friends! Interviewed by American Express as part of this year’s new event Food with Friends, Jason Atherton advises you to keep things simple when entertaining at home. Simple dishes, like lasagna or a roast, that can be prepped in advance, will give you the opportunity to spend your time with your guests, instead of in the kitchen. We couldn’t agree more!

This year’s edition was a treat! We particularly enjoyed this year’s new Food with Friends events, a celebration of friendship and good food hosted by some of London’s top chefs and inspired by their own friendships. We hope to see them happening again next year! Until then, we’ll leave you with a few snaps from Food with Friends hosted by Angela Hartnett! 

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The team, featuring Neil Borthwick and Angela Hartnett, and the guests

monthly calendar london food calendar food festivals everyones talking about

The chefs at work!

monthly calendar london food calendar food festivals everyones talking about

A beautiful dish indeed!

Angela Hartnett, Neil Brothwick and Jason Atherton took part in Food with Friends, an exclusive event at this year’s London Restaurant Festival in partnership with American Express®. For more insider information from some of the UK’s most sought after events, visit youtube.com/AmericanExpressUK

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