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London’s 2013 food predictions

Here’s what some passionate London foodies – writers, PRs, bloggers, chefs – predict for London food in 2013. 

London food and drink PR firm Truffle 

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“We predict the ‘dirty food’ trend will continue in 2013 as there’s no sign of the momentum behind the street food movement stopping. We suspect more and more street food vendors will take up temporary residencies in pubs/restaurants and even set up their own establishments. With the hype around Electric Diner recently we suspect doughnuts will also be on the rise. It will be interesting to see whether a backlash against unhealthy food begins in 2013 though… either way we’re excited to see what happens.”


Chocolate blogger Judith Lewis

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“In London, we have one of the world’s most vibrant, diverse food communities. We have some of the world’s best chocolates, world’s best burgers, crazy trends (champagne and hot dogs anyone?) and consumers willing to give anything a go at least once. We have pop-ups that become fully-fledged restaurants and a trend that promises to continue of new ways of making food great.

I think this will continue, with as much, if not more emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. We can already see this in what Demarquette are doing with their chocolate selections and also in the new Rodda’s clotted cream caramel from Paul A Young. I think that, in the chocolate world, more and more emphasis will be placed on origin, farm to bar and traceability. No one wants to support forced child labour or repressive governments.

In the chocolate world in London and beyond, I think that we’ll continue to see more and more micro-batch bean-to-bar makers popping up, creating their own chocolate from the bean. Not all may be successful but I love seeing the amazing things small batch manufacturing can and do get up to. I believe that this trend will continue and pick up pace. I think that we’ll see chocolatiers differentiate by creating a few outstanding signature pieces and build other flavour profiles around those signatures, creating thematic chocolate rather than trying to be all things to all people.”


Food writer, blogger and commissioning editor Victoria Stewart, The Standard 

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In The Standard yesterday, Victoria Stewart put forward her predicted food trends for 2013. Next year the US is hungry for a bigger piece of the London pie, says Victoria. Andrew Balazs of New York restaurant The Standard will bring over a London restaurant, as will Keith McNally in Covent Garden with his Balthazar brasserie, and the city’s Mexican joint and brasserie La Esquina arrives. Expect more higher rise dining, following in the footsteps of Sushisamba and Duck and Waffle restaurants who launched on floors 40 and 42 of the Heron Tower this year.

The Standard journalist also predicts big things for doughnuts and also reckons flour and water-based foods in general are set to be popular, with the rise of pizza across the city, the success of ramen noodle restaurants in Soho.  “Foodstuffs that will always do well in the marketplace are the themes and variations with flour and water such as pasta, pizza and oriental noodles — ramen particularly at the moment — because they sate hunger and create profits for the producers,” says the Evening Standard’s restaurant critic Fay Maschler.


Sam Bompas, one half of food experimentalists Bompas and Parr

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“I look around at the glut of pseudo-american food and I’m so bored. Everyone I know has put on two stone and is looking ugly. There’re so many middle class burger joints, faux BBQ shacks and cocktail bars with New York pretensions it makes Nouvelle Cuisine look like a good idea.

Greens have a siren call. The very epicentre will be Kew which is focusing the might of their massed botanists, gardeners, archivists and specialist academics on the gustatory implications of edible plants and fungae. For us at Bompas & Parr 2013 will be about fruit and the mysteries and delights of the fruit salad bowl. Let’s get fruity.

If you want to start on the plants early there’s plenty in Feasting with Bompas & Parr on the sematics of plants. Make a flower arrangement in the right way and you can mortally insult (or praise) any guests you choose. “

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