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Where’s the best Portuguese restaurant in London?

This week MenuSpring asks London’s Portuguese population, where do you go out to eat when you miss home?

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food blog london Well ahead of all the others was A Toca, with almost a quarter of the votes – 24 per cent.

Here’s why people voted:

“Best price / quality / quantity relationship.”
“Proper Portuguese food and ambiance.”
“Typical and Authentic Portuguese Food.”
“It has traditional Portuguese food.”
“The food is good. Ambience is normal.”

In second place, with 1 per cent of the votes was O Cantinho Portugues, and the reasons why are as follows:

“Traditional taste and quality of the food.”
“The food is amazing, the ambience is very typical and the price is low.”

Three restaurants took third place:

Estrela: ”Quality of food, informal atmosphere, service.”

“Have very good food and ambiance is right for Portugal but not London quality.”

O Moinho

O Portal: “Good food and nice ambiance.
“Ambiance, food, wine list, people.”

Other recommended restaurants include:

Benfica Restaurant

Cafe Madeira

FC Porto of London

Grelha D’Ouro

Mar Azul

O Fado


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