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Quirky Valentine’s Day Dates

How about actually surprising your loved one this Valentine’s Day, and instead of the usual meal out/roses/card/_____[insert generic-heart-shaped present suggestion here], treat them to a date/gift they’ll never expect…


Miss Cakehead’s Anatomical Heart Pop-up Shop in Shoreditch

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She’s back! Miss Cakehead, (the curator of the sell-out Eat Your Heart Out Halloween cake exhibition), is opening a Valentine’s Day gift shop, great for those who are sick of red velvet cupcakes and chocolate boxes…

When: 8th – 10th February
Where: 133 Bethnal Green Road, E2 7DG


Garlic & Shots

A garlic-themed bar where all the dishes, and some of the drinks, contain garlic – (so maybe this one’s just for those couples that are at that “comfortable stage!”) But on the other hand, if you’re hoping to boost your appeal on your date, you might be interested to hear the bulb is renound for its aphrodisiac qualities…

Dans le Noir

Literally you will never have experienced darkness like Dans le Noir, an amazing, unforgettable experience that makes you realise (for a short while) what it must be like to be blind. Choose from a surprise Red (meat), Yellow (complete surprise) or Green (veggie surprise) menu and then both be led into the nothingness by your blind waiter.

Maybe not one for fussy eaters but could be a great one to suggest if your date turns up and your not sure you fancy them anymore – just tuck in and imagine your dining with _______ [insert gorgeous person here].

Sarastrorestaurant blog london restaurant pop ups london food blog london

Romance meets opera with Sarastro’s lavish gold and red interior, crammed with a mix of random objects. Dine below ten opera boxes with brash, erotic artwork and regular singing performances. The food has a Mediterranean theme and you can grab a three-course Valentine’s menu for £35 each.

Evans and Peel

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Set up as if it was a detective agency, you’ll be questioned by detectives about you case, before you’re led to a hidden speak easy bar with old school cocktails and mac ‘n’ cheese.

Where: Earls Court Road

The Crooked Well - Chocolate menu

For those with a sweet tooth: The Crooked Well’s menu features one popular ingredient in each dish - chocolate. The food is apparently packed full of phenylethylamine, (an endorphin that lifts the mood and is associated with “falling in love” sensations). The Crooked Well will also be serving rock oysters at market price on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Chocolate Menu
Starter: Poached Duck Egg, Chicory, Jerusalem Artichoke & Crisp Ham Salad, Truffle & Shaved Chocolate Dressing £7.50 
Main: Lemon Sole Ballotine, Braised Baby Leeks & Shallots, White Chocolate Beurre Blanc £17.50 
Venison Loin, Cauliflower Puree, Cocotte Potato, Green beans, Chocolate & Blood Orange Sauce £18.90 
Dessert: Rhubarb & Chocolate Tart, Vanilla Ice Cream £5.50
70% Chocolate Chip Cookies, Clementine Compote, Clotted Cream & White Chocolate Sauce £6.75


Edible Cinema

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For filmies and foodies: Fusing together cinema with experimental food. Feb 17th is a “Some like it Hot” screening…

Where: The Aubin Cinema, Shoreditch
Tickets: From £23

Valentine’s Day at The Midnight Apothecary in Rotherhitherestaurant blog london restaurant pop ups london food blog london

The Midnight Apothocary, a popular 2012 pop-up, is holding a special Valentine’s Day event, including a tour of the famous Thames Tunnel, a chilli chocolate brownie from a MasterChef winner, and a special Valentine’s Cocktail.

Where: The Brunel Museum

Tickets £15. Pre-booking only at We Got Tickets

Upstairs Downstairs Valentine’s Day Dining Experience in The Cityrestaurant blog london restaurant pop ups london food blog london

A regular event at The Dispensary Pub & Private Dining Room (near Aldgate). For Feb, naturally there’s a romantic theme… If you’re keen to show your date you can flash the cash, upstairs there’s a champagne reception. Here, you’ll get a five course feast, (served by a butler – !). For the less lavish, downstairs there’s a more laid back vibe.

When: 14th February from 7.00pm
Where: The Dispensary, 19a Leman Street, London, E1 8EN
Tickets: Upstairs £65, Downstairs £15, from

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    My my I can see a whole lot of yummy deserts over here. Simply cannot wait till Valentine to taste those . Y not lets have some of those right now!! what say


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